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Customized Excel Spreadsheet for Churches!

Designed for Small to Medium size Churches (less than 500 members)



TithingMaster is a program to help Churches with all the record keeping and administrative task, associated with documenting all the Contributions and Tithes that are received by the Church. It can also document and record all Church expenses, via the Electronic Check Register.


Other software alternatives are very expensive! Many have a difficult learning curve, and are designed with too much complexity! TithingMaster is a well designed Excel Spreadsheet that is powerful, yet very simple and easy to use!




Runs in Microsoft Excel,...no need to buy Additional Software!

Simple but Very Effective,... Easy to Use!

Numerous Features and Functions,...with Easy Point and Click Operation!

Complete Documentation and Instruction Manual is provided!

Please visit our FAQ Page, for Additional Information.

Great Church Tithing Software, View Sample Screen Shots Below

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Program Features:

* Update weekly Contributions for your Members
* Generate breakdown of Checks/Cash for Bank Deposits
* Accept & Document "Tithes In Kind", Special Pledges, Building Funds, etc
* Automatically generate Annual Tithing/Contribution Statements
* Analysis of Contributions by Day, Month, Quarter, or Year
* Electronic Check Register
* Document all Payments & Expenses by Vendor, Category, Expense Type, etc
* Update Tables with easy to use Macros
* Generate Pivot Tables to Evaluate Tithes and Expenses
* Monthly/Annual Evaluation and Analysis of all Contributions and Expenses
* Once your Tables are Populated(ie; member list), the Program requires very little typing

Note: Features vary, depending on which Spreadsheet you Purchase



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